Quality of life

The improvement in the quality of life of the families is one of the primary objectives of Fundación Abriendo Posibilidades. So the therapeutic plans include counseling in the re-direction of behaviors that affect the child in their daily life and that affect the quality of the family life.

Pre-Inclusion School

Our school preparation program is for children between 2 and 6 years of age. It is 4.5 hours of daily stimulation in small groups of 5 children and with 2 therapists, who have specialized training in autism.

Integral Work

To achieve better results in the therapeutic interventions, it is necessary to take into account the activities that the child performs throughout the day in order to integrate the therapeutic principles of their plans into their routines to reinforce what they have learned during the therapeutic sessions and that learning becomes natural and everyday in the child's life.


In addition to the team of therapists, Fundación Abriendo Posibilidades invites parents to join in the therapeutic treatment of their children, so the families know the way in which children learn and communicate so that they can also work with children in their free time and thus maximize the child's potential. 

A Success Story


Integral Therapy

Based on the child's abilities, a therapeutic plan is designed that includes the adequate programs for the child to develop in an optimal way. These programs are based on a behavioral teaching method but include the following aspects:

  • Language

  • Interactive play 

  • Cognitive elements 

  • Communication 

  • Social abilities

The recommended time of therapy is particular in each case. At Fundación Abriendo Posibilidades we have the following plans:

  • Per hour plans

  • Half-time plans, 3 hours daily (15 hours weekly)

  • Full-time plans, 6 hours per day (30 hours weekly)

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