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We believe that the backbone of any strong and enduring individual is the community in which they find themselves. That is why at Abriendo Posibilidades we are involved in family support and building communities around the children we serve. Connecting families of neurodivergent people is an important aspect of our strategy of building community, eliminating isolation and establishing support groups. Some of whom have continued to exist even after their children graduated from our services.

Each year we host free events for families of neurodivergent people, some of which are open to all visitors. Some of these events include our Mother's and Father's Day celebrations and activities, Christmas shows, New Year's Eve Posada, Children's Day at the Papalote Museo del Niño, Granja Las Americas, and participation in the Autism Awareness Walk. . We have also organized sporting and theatrical events in collaboration with some of our alliances and much more.



Our therapeutic approach includes family members. Primary caregivers of a neurodivergent child should not feel helpless if a professional is missing. No one spends more time with the child than the people they live with and that is why we invite and encourage these caregivers to learn and actively participate in our therapeutic sessions. In these sessions they learn to interact appropriately and stimulate their children's interest. They also learn how to manage crisis situations if they occur and identify triggers unique to their children. This inclusive approach has helped hundreds of families we work with gain some sense of control over situations in their home and has helped build confidence in their children. They have also been able to teach other members of their families and community how to act in different scenarios, strengthening the community around the child.

Twice a year, our families are invited to participate in parenting groups. In these spaces we exchange experiences, create support networks and provide tools to continue strengthening the development of the person with autism and their family. Each group lasts at least eight sessions in which the main focus is the parents and/or caregivers of someone with ASD. 

Caring for the family unit and creating support networks are key pieces in the development of people with ASD. We need happy adults to raise happy, fulfilled children. 


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